Thursday, August 24, 2006

Aw yeah. number 1 post

Its finally here. the number one post on this new and exciting blog. right now on television is some crappy coke comercial with some guy talking on a cll phone. right now i was typng with one hand, but it became a little akward in my current position. all this text is totally original and the content is awsome. it leaves little to be desires. right nwo king of queens just came on tv on channel 50. this show is actually really funny;. the wife is super hot to. its something about her ny voice or whatever it is. it has character. they actually just made an episoide that was about her voice. ic ant beleive i bacspaced on this nonsense. anyway, more later.


Blogger gg said...

"Aw yeah. number 1 comment"

nice post...

12:32 AM  
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